Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Robert Jobson – John Blake Publishing (Bookwise) - $22.99

This is how the publisher summed up this title:

On February 28, 2008, to great international surprise, the British Ministry of Defense released a statement acknowledging that Prince Harry--son of the late Princess Diana and third in line to the British throne--had secretly been deployed to Afghanistan. Subsequent reports revealed that the prince had killed up to thirty Taliban insurgents in directing at least three air strikes, and that he had helped Gurkha troops repel a ground attack of Taliban insurgents using a machine gun. On Februrary 29, Prince Harry was withdrawn from the country with distinction via a covert SAS deployment. This is the amazing story of the first British royal to serve his country in 25 years and his 10 heroic weeks of combat.
That is a fair description, the book is clearly a must-read for those many folk who are avid watchers of the British Royal family.
The author is an award-winning author and journalist, he is a former CNN royal commentator, and this is his third title about the British Royal family, the others being Diana, Closely Guarded Secret, which he wrote with Diana’s bodyguard, and William’s Princess,
a definitive account of Prince William’s relationship with Kate Middleton.
Includes photos.

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