Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The marvellous essay by Brian Turner which appeared in last Sunday's Sunday Star Times is now available here online.
If you missed the SST then be sure to read this most evocative piece in which the southern poet explains why he lives in the coldest settlement in New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link. I lived in Central Otago in the winter of 1991 that Turner mentions. We ice skated down our gravel road. I miss it all in theory.

Anonymous said...

I'm a homesick Kiwi living in Australia so I don't see the Sunday Star Times. I would like therefore to thank you for bringing Brian Turner's item to my notice. Gosh what a a wonderful piece of writing, so evocative, it made me feel really cold while I was reading it.(I live in Queensland). Does Turner have have a regular newspaper column? I have several books of his verse. He is a great NZ writer.
Thanks for your blog, a great way to keep up on what's happening in the book world at home.

LiteraryMinded said...

What a wonderful piece. I have sent it around to some friends.