Saturday, May 17, 2008


Random House NZ CEO Karen Ferns welcomed her star-studded lineup of authors, overseas and local, along with media (Bookman Beattie was included among this lot), and booksellers, to a great party held at the Real Cafe , two hundred metres or so from the Aotea Centre (location of the AWRF). Among them were 2007 Man Booker prize winner Anne Enright, London-based historical biographer and novelist Simon Montefiore, British literary biographer Hermione Lee who earlier in the day had delivered her stunning Michael King Memorial Lecture to a packed crowd in the ASB Theatre, (Hermione Lee & the Bookman pic above left), glamorous UK thriller writer Mo Hayder, along with a raft of their NZ authors including Barbara Else, Christine Fernyhough, Greg O'Brien, Rachael King, Graeme Lay, Hamish Keith, Lauraine Jacobs, Fiona Kidman and Shonagh Koea. I am sure there were others but these were the authors I spotted. I also noted Festival founders Stephanie Johnston and Peter Wells, Listener Arts Editor Guy Somerset, bookseller Doris Mousdale and poet Kate Camp.
Great party, thank you Karen and the team from Random House NZ.What a lineup, wow!!

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Kebabette said...

It was great ... we were there too
and Beryl Fletcher and Shonagh Koea were telling us an hysterical story about an earlier festival when there was a fire alarm and literary luminaries were standing outside in their winceyette nighties ... except Amy Tan in Issey Miyake.

It was lovely to meet you out and about at the festival, as an ardent admirer of your blog, thanks