Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rosie Belton – Craig Potton Publishing - $24.99
This is a remarkable book written by a remarkable woman.

Rosie Belton was a high achieving theatre director, producer and teacher, a casting agent, a company director, as well as being a wife, a mother of three adult kids and a grandmother of four. She was a human whirlwind who seemed to have endless energy and enthusiasm for everyone and everything around her.

Then one night, in a flash, it all changed. She fell while dancing at a wedding party. She hit her head and subsequently had two cerebral haematomas or brain bleeds. These have left her with a permanent brain injury and her life has not been the same since.

In this riveting story, it reads like a good novel which resulted in me reading it in one long sitting, she tells in a succinct and compelling manner her astonishing story from immediately prior to the accident through the surgery, through the long and slow recovery and the resulting debilitating effects of the hidden disability of brain injury.

JUST A BANG ON THE HEAD deserves the widest readership and will be especially valuable for the friends and family of those dealing with brain injured persons. I warmly recommend this outstanding book.

JUST A BANG ON THE HEAD was launched at the University Bookshop, Canterbury University, Ilam, Christchurch on Thursday 22 May, 2008


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am completely stunned of London, England. Here it is Thursday 22nd May 3.30pm and on my day off I've begun to think about a trip to NZ which I hope to make with my husband in Dec this year. I'm an actor/storyteller (amongst oter things -currently completing an MA in Integrative Arts Child Psychotherapy -phew!) & my husband is a Voice Coach & I was thinking about whether we could include some Storytelling shows or Voice workshops on our trip.I thought I'd look up some old contacts from 17 years ago!

- The last time I visited NZ was in 91/92 & I spent a large chunk of this trip in Christchurch. As an excited and somewhat bewildered 18 year old a long way from home, who was keen on drama I contacted the local Arts Centre to get involved (in a world I was familiar with)...and met Rosie Belton. And indeed she did have 'endless enthusiasm for everyone around her', adopting me like a surrogate daughter & fellow performer with a passion for all things dramatic! She was fantastic, treated me to tea & cake & let me join in some of her adult drama classes. - I now teach some of the exercises I first learnt with her & the image of us both in NZ always flashes into my mind (esp the pairs speaking-as-one-person exercise, which I love).

So today, of all days, I Google Rosie & discover that she's just (with the time difference) launched what sounds like an incredible book & learn of her recent traumatic experience.

I'm still in shock -talk about the Universe working / serendipity /a call from the other side of the world - call it what you will. I'd really appreciate if you could pass this onto Rosie with my love & well wishes. When our planned trip goes ahead I will contact her (pls pass on contact details or where's best to get hold of her!!) as I'd love to see her again.

Thank you,
Rebecca Lovett (now spelt: Rebeqa!)

Beattie's Book Blog said...

Rebeqa it was wonderful to receive your comment, gosh, the power of the Web. I have been in touch with Rosie. She would love to hear from you. E-mail her at