Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hay festival: Joanna Trollope
From The Guardian:

Author pic, Matin Godwin for The Guardian

On the train down from London I was finishing the most fantastic novel called Half of a Yellow Sun. It's really about the political struggles in Nigeria, but it's also about cross-racial conflicts, and the fascinations and complexities of forming relationships between different races, creeds and cultures. It's beautifully written: it's really lyrical and also very strong, as well as being instructive about that particular conflict. It won the Orange prize and I heartily recommend it. I'm afraid I always avoid reading fantasy. I can't do fantasy, it has to be real. And I think I would have to be on a desert island before I went anywhere near a political biography. A particular example at the moment? I think I've cherry picked one from the newspapers ...
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