Friday, May 30, 2008

Tim Winton - Hamish Hamilton – Hardcover - $50

This is a surprising, remarkable novel – a novel, amongst other things about surfing, (only a highly experienced surfer could have written it), adolescence, first sexual fumblings, schoolboy friendships, mental illness, marriage and living in small coastal community.
But primarily it is a riveting, unputdownable read about a West Australian of about 50 looking back on his life.

A stunning novel, Winton’s first in seven years. He is, of course, one of Australia’s foremost living fiction writers, he has been twice short-listed for the Booker, (and Breath will get him close again I’m sure), he has three times won Australia’s equivalent award, the Miles Franklin as well as numerous other awards.
Winton is a great, great writer, a genius no less.
Don’t miss BREATH.

Kim Knight’s interview with Tim Winton in the Sunday Star Times on May 18, 2008 was a good one. If you missed it then link here.

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