Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who will win the Costa book of the year award tomorrow?
Will it be Diana Athill's delicate memoir Somewhere Towards the End? Or Sebastian Barry's haunting novel The Secret Scripture...

Left - The books on the shortlist of the Costa books awards. Photograph: /PR

It's that time when thoughts turn to comparing apples with pears, cape gooseberries and subspecies of the Arctic tern: the Costa book of the year is announced tomorrow evening at 10.15pm, after the judges have weighed the relative merits of a populist first novel; a narrative poem; a 700-page children's book; a very slender memoir by a nonagenarian publisher; and a highly wrought literary novel by one of Ireland's most respected authors.
So which book should win it? And which book will win it?

Read Charlotte Higgins take on the Awards and her pick of the likely winner on her Guardian blog, link here.

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