Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Computer-esque books to lure boys - BBC News

The books are aimed at school children up to the age of nine .
Books illustrated with computer- generated images are the latest attempt to get boys to enjoy reading.

Oxford University Press (OUP) claims the "truly boy-friendly" content and structure of its Project X books will appeal to boys up the age of nine.
The books have been tested in 2,000 schools and can be used interactively through CD-Roms and whiteboards.
But critics dismissed the publications as "ghastly" and a shallow attempt to mimic computer games.
The books centre on the character of Max and his friends Cat, Ant and Tiger, who find their watches have the power to make them shrink, opening up a world of adventures.
The friends end up snowboarding on spoons, exploring inside a sandcastle, white-water rafting on pencils and surfing on lolly sticks.
In later books they encounter Dr X, a villain intent on shrinking the whole world.
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