Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jacki Passmore – Penguin – NZ$25

With a perfect sense of timing for summer salads this latest title in Jacki Passmore’s most appealing series landed on my desk last week and already I am becoming more adventurous in my salad making. So far I have made the Italian tuna and white bean salad and the Curried rice salad with prawns and mango, both of which went down a treat, although I must say I felt a tad nervous about the mango from Australia which my greengrocer told me had been irradiated! I didn’t mention that to our guests.
In addition to loads of new salad options Passmore also provides recipes for staples such as Coleslaw, Nicoise and Waldorf.
Beautifully illustrated, another winner for the cookbook shelf.

The previous title in the series was SEAFOOD BIBLE mentioned on the blog on 28 November last, but other titles include CURRY BIBLE, MUFFIN BIBLE, BARBECUE BIBLE, VEGETARIAN BIBLE, and SLOW FOOD BIBLE.
This new title is number 15 in the series, all from Penguin at NZ$25.

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