Monday, July 29, 2013

Poetry Box - a New Zealand poetry page

Welcome back after the holidays poetry fans young and old!

I have a lot to look forward to this term. I am heading off to Christchurch for a week to visit schools thanks to the New Zealand Book Council (from August 12th) so I am very excited about that! Then I will be at the Storylines Family Day doing various poetry things (Sunday August 18th). I used to take my girls to this every year and we thought it was book magic. I will keep you posted. Plus some school visits, two books in the publishing engineroom and new things I want to start writing! Yes, this term I want to elbow room to do some secret writing. Oh, and I am starting a new blog for older people interested in poetry (all will be revealed soon!).
This week and next week on Poetry Box I aim to have three things happening. For older children we are going to explore poetry forms and for younger children we are going to have fun with winter poems. Plus I am going to post some of the poems I loved that didn’t make it into the treasury (a poem a day). I didn’t do this during the holidays as I need to get permission and I didn’t want these poems to get lost in the holiday poetry bonanza.

Don’t forget about The Second Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children. I will post all the details again soon.

Remember I have asked you to tell me the name of a New Zealand author you would like me to interview and why. And remember to include two questions you would like me to ask them. Send to paulajoygreen@gmail with your details.

This week on Poetry Box: On Monday I will set you the two challenges (one younger, one older). On Tuesday we will explore couplets and also go hunting for winter things. On Wednesday we will play with odes and make a winter poetry hut, on Thursday we will play with Japanese poetry forms and make a rain poem, on Friday we will have fun with sonnets and make winter poetry soup. Goodness we are going to be busy!

So happy Term 3, and I look forward to spending time with you all on Poetry Box. I love to get your letters, your comments and your poems. Happy Poetry Days!

Paula Green, PO Box 95078, Swanson, Waitakere 0653 Auckland

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