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GRUMPY OLD MEN by Paul Little 

What do…Chris Amon, Tony Astle, Sir Ray Avery, John Barnett, Gavin Bishop, Graham Brazier, Rick Bryant, Graeme Cairns, Russell Callander, Roy Colbert, Barry Colman, Graeme Dingle, Dave Dobbyn, Brian Edwards, David Eggleton, Bill Francis, Dick Frizzell, Phil Gifford, Phil Gittos, Ian Grant, Roger Hall, John Hanlon, John Hawkesby, Tau Henare, Gerard Hindmarsh, Sir Paul Holmes, Michael Horton, Mike Hutcheson, Kevin Ireland, Pare Keiha, Sir Peter Leitch, David McPhail, Garth McVicar, Buddy Mikaere, Kevin Milne, Michael Neill, Sam Neill, Ron Palenski, Martin Phillipps, Keith Quinn, Shane, Roger Shepherd, Pat Snedden, Keith Stewart, Grahame Sydney, Brian Turner and Peter Williams QC…have in common?

They’re all irate about something, sounding off in Grumpy Old Men on alcohol, speed limits, education, jet-skis, nutritionists, pinot noir,small change, tee shirt labels and a whole lot of other things they’d like to shake a stick at. John Hawkesby has found eleven things that irk him, wile Kevin Ireland seems pretty happy as he only needed half a page to state his view.

Some contributions are serious and some light-hearted, some are trivial and some profound, but all are entertaining and most are thought-provoking. All round a damned good read, the perfect Father’s Day gift for grumpy old men or grumpy old men in training.
About the author:
Paul Little is a Herald on Sunday columnist and ghostwriter of the bestsellers Willie Apiata VC: Reluctant Hero, Ray Avery: Rebel with a Cause and Paul Henry: What Was I Thinking.
 Available mid-August. RRP $34.95 
ISBN 978-0-473-24246-6
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