Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cape Catley to be distributed by Publishers Distribution Ltd

22 July 2013

Cape Catley announces that from Monday 29 July 2013 the distribution of its books will be handled by Publishers Distribution Ltd.

We would like to thank everyone at HarperCollins for the friendship and work we have shared for nearly 20 years and we wish them all the best for a bright future.

HarperCollins will stop shipping Cape Catley titles on 26 July. HarperCollins will receive approved returns until 23 August 2013 only. PDL will not be responsible for returns of titles not invoiced by them.

All orders from 29 July should go to PDL.  Back orders for Cape Catley titles will be transferred on that date from HarperCollins to PDL.

For further information please contact:

Jenny Cole, Cape Catley, (09) 480 5454, cape.catley@gmail 

Bruce Bugbee,  (09) 828 2999, Fax: (09) 828 2399,


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