Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chile's Ebooks Patagonia on Latin America's Digital Potential and Throwing Down the Publishing Gauntlet in India

"The only way forward for an independent Latin American publishing company when competing with a mega publishing corporation is the ebook," says Javier Sepúlveda Hales of Ebooks Patagonia.
A recent high-level training program hosted by the Frankfurt Academy in New Delhi challenged publishers to question current practices and find solutions for the future.
More News from PP:
Belgian researchers report that the aroma of chocolate inspired bookstore shoppers to stay in the store longer, while boosting the sales of certain genres.
The 2013 longlist of fiction for the Man Booker Prize will surprise and intrigue in equal measure. The shortlist will be announced in September and the winner on October 15.
From the Archives:
Author Jay Wexler on how he was tempted to self-publish his new book of stories, but still opted for a traditional, if unconventional and tiny, publisher.


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