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Interesting recent & forthcoming New Zealand non-fiction titles

ENCOUNTERS -The creation of New Zealand
Paul Moon - Penguin Books - $55.00
Encounters is a wide-ranging, audacious and gripping story of New Zealand's changing national identity, how it has emerged and evolved through generations.

In this genre-busting book, historian Paul Moon delves into how the many and conflicting ideas about New Zealand came into being. Along the way, he explores forgotten crevices of the nation's character, and exposes some of the mythology of its past and present.
These include, for example, the earliest Maori myths and the 'mock sacredness' of the All Blacks in the twenty-first century; the role of nostalgia in our national character, both Maori and Pakeha; whether the explorer Kupe existed; the appeal of the Speight's 'Southern Man'; and ruminations on New Zealand art and landscape.
Lyrical, provocative, and beautifully illustrated with artworks throughout, Encounters offers an extraordinary insight into the genesis of our country.

About the author
DR PAUL MOON is Professor of History at AUTs Faculty of Maori Development, where he has taught since 1993. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Philosophy degree, a Master of Arts degree, and a Doctor of Philosophy. In 2003, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London.
Moon is widely recognised for his study of the Treaty of Waitangi and the early period of Crown rule in New Zealand. Among his many published works, he has produced major biographies of political and Maori figures - including Governors William Hobson and Robert FitzRoy and the Ngapuhi chief, Hone Heke; a trilogy of books covering New Zealand history from the 1820s to the 1840s; an examination of Maori cannibalism; and a general history of New Zealand in the twentieth century.

At the UN
Addresses from Helen Clark’s first term leading
the United Nations Development Programme  

Dunmore Publishing, RRP $37.99  Pub Date:  3 August 2013

AT the UN brings together a selection of addresses by Helen Clark to international audiences during her first four-year term leading the UN Development Programme. Helen Clark says ' Many New Zealanders have expressed interest in what I have been doing since leaving for the United Nations. Publishing this selection of key speeches is one way of telling people about the kinds of issues I am engaged in and the range of audiences I address as UNDP Administrator.'
The speeches and talks are presented in three sections:
·         The View from Closer to Home - topics and audiences more relevant to New Zealand and the South Pacific.
·         The Perspective from a Global Forum  
·         The Development Mandate – Empowered Lives, Resilient Nations  

And topics covered include

  • International peace and security
  • Resilience-building in poor nations
  • Effective leadership and global governance
  • Emerging democracies and supporting them
  • Building a more equitable and sustainable world
  • Health and development
  • Climate change and futures
  • Energy solutions in the future
  • Disaster risk management
  • Aid strategies
  • Global finance and development
  • The International Criminal Court
  • Cyberspace and development
  • Conflict within and between developing nations
These speeches, as well as the opening “interview” in the book, reflect Helen Clark’s passion for reducing poverty in the world and helping people and nations to plan their own development
The Trout Bohemia
Fly-fishing travels in New Zealand
Derek Grzelewski
David Bateman - RRP: $39.99 |  Publishing August 2013
‘On the road again with dog and fly rod, Derek Grzelewski has gathered another wonderful collection of stories about love, life, trout and rivers. If you liked his Trout Diaries, this one is even better.’  Rob Sloane, editor, Flylife
‘Derek Grzelewski writes like a dazzling impressionist. The Trout Bohemia will make you think that fly fishing was just invented, and that every river is waiting to be explored for the first time.’
Marshall Cutchin, Publisher, MidCurrent
Trout Bohemia buzzes around the topic of obsessive-compulsive fly-fishing . . . darting and weaving and so dangerously fascinating that you daren’t look away.’ 
James R. Babb, Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal
From the author of the universally acclaimed Trout Diaries (2011) comes a captivating new volume of fly-fishing adventures in New Zealand, artfully illustrated with ink and charcoal sketches.
Al Brown
Random House - $50.00
The popular, and award winning, 2010 title now
 (2 August) available in a deluxe paperback edition.
In Go Fish, Al combines his two great passions - fishing and cooking - bringing us more than 100 exceptional fish and shellfish recipes.  Covering crustaceans, shellfish and fin fish of many varieties, Go Fish is the ultimate guide to sourcing and cooking fish and is stunningly photographed by Kieran Scott.

SPCA - $39.99

The SPCA’s Blue Tick programme is designed to help consumers identify food products that meet its high animal welfare standards and, in turn, its influence is used to get animals out of cages and increase welfare on New Zealand farms. And now there’s a super new cookbook coming 2 August that helps New Zealanders make delicious and no-fuss meals with approved food products that Kiwis all over can sit down to at mealtime.

Juliette Banks is behind this creative project which will take the animal welfare message into heartland Kiwi kitchens throughout the country.

For home cooks who want to support better animal welfare on farms, Juliette has come up with Made With Love, on sale from 2 August. It’s a must-have cookbook bursting with delicious recipes from celebrities, from Peter Jackson to Dan Carter and Ray McVinnie to John Key, all of whom support the Blue Tick programme for which the SPCA is so grateful.

    Wallace Chapman
    Penguin Books - $30
    Popular TV and radio personality Wallace Chapman is on a mission. A mission to chill us all out. He's thought a lot about the syndrome of modern life and thinks he has a few answers. Ranging over subjects such as careers, technology, health, communication, food, and relationships, and employing a captivating mix of pop psychology, science, philosophy and humour, Chapman distils the many mixed messages we each receive on a daily basis into a self-help book that's not actually a self-help book...

A Kiwi's guide to the top 50 motorcycle rides in the Land of the Long White Cloud
Mike Hyde
Harper Collins - $39.99 - publication 2 August

The bestselling author of TWISTING THROTTLE AUSTRALIA and TWISTING THROTTLE AMERICA is back in the saddle. Mike Hyde lives in Christchurch. This is his third book. It is possible he has not ridden every road in New Zealand, but we doubt it.
Mike's top rides range from Ninety Mile Beach to the Catlins.

Beautiful full colour photographs and maps throughout.

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