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For all you Nannies out there ! 10 Nanny Themed Summer Reading Books


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Working as a nanny doesn’t leave much time for casual reading, but it’s important for caregivers to provide themselves with a bit of intellectual stimulation whenever possible. Spending the majority of your day reading picture books and entertaining kids may be fun, but it’s also a bit draining to never have any adult interaction. When spending time with other adults isn’t quite feasible, curling up with a good book can be a close second. These are ten of the best nanny-themed novels for summer reading for nannies who like to identify with their books’ protagonists.
  • The Nanny DiariesFew works of fiction have inspired the level of controversy among nannies and their employers as Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus’s bestselling novel The Nanny Diaries. Spawning a major motion picture, a sequel and a novella or two, this is one depiction of a harrowing nanny/employer relationship that was written by two industry insiders.
  • Malibu NannyIf real-world celebrity expose is more to your taste than fiction, the chronicles of the former Kardashian family nanny might be the book for you. Packed with salacious rumors and more than a few hints of scandal, Malibu Nanny is the tale of a self-proclaimed small-town girl turned celebrity nanny.
  • Nanny ReturnsThe follow-up to the wildly popular novel The Nanny Diaries, Nanny Returns brings readers back into the world of Nan and the X family as the titular character explores her own feelings about the family she left behind while fighting, once again, for the wellbeing of her now-teenaged charge.
  • A Spoonful of SugarThe memoir of a woman called a “real-life Mary Poppins,” A Spoonful of Sugar is the tale of Britain’s oldest living nanny, and chronicles her adventures in caring for other people’s children.
  • The Good Nanny – Billed as a black comedy and set in the sometimes-tumultuous world of professional childcare, The Good Nanny is a story about finding a perfect nanny, and the frustration that can accompany that highly sought-after perfection.

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