Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10,000 Publishing People at Work: South Korea's Paju Bookcity

South Korea’s Paju Bookcity is unique in the world: home to some 200 publishing companies and 10,000 publishing professionals, mere miles from the North Korea border.
In Publishing Perspectives' Ether for Authors, Porter Anderson looks at media noise about Amazon, at authentic criticism, and agents' experience of rejection.
Latest Job Listing:
The Universities' Publishing Consortium in St. Petersburg, Russia is "seeking web virtuosi with a special interest in metadata management and the semantic web." Sound like you? Click here to apply.
More News from PP:
Writing for Bloomberg.com, Virginia Postrel has a counterintuitive suggestion for publishers, Barnes & Noble and tech-savvy retail entrepreneurs: embrace showrooming.
A conceptual overview of how the Internet works aimed at helping you understand, for example, what someone means when they say our books live on the cloud.
From the Archives:
A visit to the Seoul Book Fair reveals publishers are still wary of ebooks and blame smart devices for the decline in reading, even as Korean culture has become hip abroad.

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