Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perspectives on Publishing from Latin America and Spain. Brought to you by Fundacion el Libro and Publishing Perspectives.

The inaugural Tools of Change Latin America in Buenos Aires offered insights into metadata, e-book formats, and e-tailing, but missed participants from Spain. 

Armed with an $1,100 subsidy from the National Committee for Popular Libraries, some 2,000 librarians spent $2.2 million in books at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. 

The trade in rights at the Buenos Aires Book Fair is growing and is now being supported by a new web site, Books in Argentina, aimed at increasing transactions.

The 2011 stats for Spanish print publishing are down dramatically almost across the board, but Madrid is still anticipating a huge new bookstore in September.

In 2011, 49% of e-book content online in Spain was distributed without the proper copyright holders' permission, says El Pais' Antonio Fraguas Garrido.

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