Friday, April 27, 2012

Arts on Sunday for 29 April 2012 - Radio NZ National

12:40 SCAPE Public Art Development Workshop: Christchurch artists Missy Bennets and Sophie Jones - Christchurch artists are being primed to contribute to the new city as it takes shape, in a move that it's hoped will also prevent an exodus of young creatives.

12:50 Madeline Sami's show Super City has caught the attention of ABC bosses in America, gets some tips on how to write for that market from US TV producer Greg Berendt.

1:00 At the Movies: New Zealand film The Most Fun You Can Have Dying takes the big Kiwi OE to extremes.

1:30 Listener's Pick: A visiting Australian dance company performing to the music of Nick Cave.

1:35 Disappear in Light: Documentary maker Leonie Reynolds and her subject, writer and performer Jo Randerson reveal the determination, anguish and joy that goes into getting a new play up on stage.

1:45 Maori TV revisits and films six Maori plays and gives them a prime time slot. The producer of Atamira is Bailey Mackey, and we also talk to one of the playwrights, Briar Grace Smith, about what this opportunity to extend the audience for her plays means to her.

2:00 The Laugh Track: Visiting English comedian, Milton Jones plays us his favourite tracks.

2:25 Gisborne Concert Bands: Whilst guitars and rock n' roll threaten the culture of the concert band, in Gisborne they're intent on keeping them alive. The region has three bands and a long standing history as Sonia Sly finds out.

2:35 Chapter & Verse: Poet Richard Langston, whose fifth collection Things Lay in Pieces starts with a sequence about the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake ... while in The Open World, novelist Stephanie Johnson tells a story of secrets and half truths based on the life of one of her ancestors.

2:50 Goldsmith Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler: One of the growing number of Waiheke Island artists whose work is in demand here and overseas. Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler celebrates her 40 years as a goldsmith with exhibitions in Wellington, Stuttgart and Hong Kong.

3:00 The Drama Hour: The second part of Gary Henderson's new play, News Bomb, another episode of Skin Writing and a visit from Esther Green and Simon Leary from You Me ... Now!

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