The Poetry Society of New York hopes to raise $5,000 to fund the 2nd Annual NYC Poetry Festival.

Above, we’ve embedded a video about the project–what do you think?

Last year’s festival took place over the course of two days on Governor’s Island. More than 150 poets appeared to give poetry readings and performances. This year, the organization has conceived some highly ambitious plans to elevate the event.
Here’s more about the project: “Poetry does not exist in a vacuum and does itself no favors when its only audience is other poets…this year’s festival will include an Merchants Village, where local artists, sculptors, and artisans will work on live pieces inspired by the festival’s poetry while displaying and selling their wares, and a Songwriter’s Circle, where acoustic musicians working with poetic mediums can perform. By reaching outside the established poetry communities, The Poetry Society of New York hopes to create new audiences for poetry and facilitate collaborations between poets and other artists.”
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