Monday, April 30, 2012

The Chaperone

Penguin NZ advise:

With The Great Gatsby film remake, post war Downton Abbey, the hit HBO prohibition series Boardwalk Empire returning to our screens and flapper-esque clothes in the high street, it’s the ideal time to escape into the glamorous 1920s through the eyes of the inspiring Cora Carlisle. The Chaperone has just been optioned to be made into a film, so we eagerly await big things for author Laura Moriarty.

New Zealand is in the unprecedented position for Penguin Group (NZ) for being the first country in the world to release The Chaperone and we are also releasing our edition of the book with this really striking cover. The rest of the world will have a completely different cover to our version. This has not happened for Penguin with an international title in our market before.
The Chaperone is our current must-read book for Mother’s Day.

This is an extraordinary story of self-discovery, heartbreak and love in its many forms, with a few dark elements, all set against the glittering backdrop of New York in the roaring 20’s, The Chaperone follows a trip that changes the lives of two women for ever.

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