Thursday, May 28, 2009

Penguin Walk Goes Global
27.05.09 Benedicte Page reporting in The Bookseller

Some 1,000 Penguin staffers worldwide are set to do the Penguin Walk for the second time for the annual World Environment Day on 5th June.
The sponsored walk will raise funds for the United Nations Environmental Programme's 'Plant a Billion Trees' project.
In London, around 500 walkers will tackle up to half a marathon through the London Parks. Meanwhile there will also be walks by staff from Penguin's international offices, including those in Delhi, Johannesburg, New York and Beijing, where walkers will tackle the Great Wall of China.
What is happening in Auckland and Melbourne?
Response from Penguin NZ:
Publicist Philippa Muller tells me that she and others are doing an 8km walk from their North Shore office on Apollo Drive to raise money for the environment. She is seeking sponsors with all funds going to Conservation Volunteers NZ who will be planting 20,000 trees this winter and restoring 2km of coastline on the West Coast, recreating a stretch of coastal forest.
Well done Philippa!

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