Friday, May 29, 2009

Digital Bookselling For All
Friday 29 May 2009
Gardners Books digital warehouse launches with over 70,000 eBook files

Gardners Books, Britain's Leading Wholesaler, has announced the integration of over 70,000 eBook files into their trade website ( This innovative service will enable every Gardners account holder around the world to sell eBooks alongside physical books without any investment or additional costs.

In support of both physical and digital editions, over 100,000 pieces of Digital Marketing Material (DMM) have also been uploaded to their trade website. This range of eBooks and DMM is set to increase as more and more publishers see the benefits of having a digital edition alongside their existing printed titles.

Bob Jackson, Gardners Commercial Director comments, "Gardners continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative services for booksellers, through enabling the sale of eBooks with the integration of these digital files into
At the same time we have taken our proven fulfilment service for physical books and applied it to both eBooks in our digital warehouse and over 35,000 DVDs, offering the end consumer a choice of delivery options to meet their requirements.
We look forward to continuing to work closely with retailers in the development of our Digital Warehouse and helping to ensure that booksellers have the tools available to them to compete both in-store and on-line, locally and globally."

Ben Wright, Random House Sales Director comments, "It's great to have Gardners position themselves at the forefront of digital fulfilment here in the UK"
Ken Rhodes, Continuum Sales & Marketing Director comments, "As we see demand for content, visible on screens of any size, growing rapidly over the next five years, retailers of many types are going to want consolidated supplier options - why wouldn't you trust Gardners to fulfil that role?"

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