Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Booktrust launches Bedtime Reading Week

Booktrust is pleased to announce its support for this year’s National Family Week with their Bedtime Reading Week. The week will run from Wednesday 27 May to Wednesday 2 June.

The week will encourage all the family to get involved in the sheer joy and pleasure of reading aloud.
Children and babies love routine and rituals. The joy of looking forward to a story makes a bedtime routine so much more fun and exciting. Ending the day with a loving cuddle and a book helps a child wind down ready for sleep.
To support the week, Booktrust has provided:

A specially designed website providing tips and ideas on sharing stories and rhymes
Advice on how to organise a Bedtime Reading Week event
Recommended books to read aloud
Downloadable Bedtime Reading posters and resources
Games, songs and rhymes to enjoy at bedtime
Advice for parents of children who are starting to read and for those who are already independent readers
Information about events at libraries, children’s centres, health clinics and schools where you can get together with other families to celebrate reading

National Family Week, which runs from 25 – 31 May 2009, is a new occasion to celebrate family life in the UK.

The week will include hundreds of events and activities run by local authorities, charities, companies, the media and schools, encouraging millions of people to celebrate being part of a family.

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