Friday, May 29, 2009


Dear Publishers,
We recently wrote to you to advise that we were seeking a new site for our store located at Queen Street, Auckland due to the sites weak performance. No suitable site has been located at the date of this letter. As a consequence of this, Dymocks will be closing the Queen Street store in order to refocus its resources on areas where it can better deliver to New Zealand Booklovers.

Dymocks remains committed to book retailing in New Zealand. Whilst recent events have impacted Dymocks growth in New Zealand this is seen as a process of rationalisation and an opportunity to refocus efforts with a view to future growth. To this end Dymocks is continuing to seek sites not only in Auckland but throughout New Zealand and looks forward to when it can advise you of new store openings.

Dymocks now has seven stores in New Zealand. We look forward to your continued association and support in New Zealand.

Kind regards,
Don Grover

The Bookman reckons the first thing Dymocks should do is hire a PR firm to teach senior staff how to write well constructed and appropriate letters. This major event, the closing of their company-owned NZ flagship store, is treated as if it were some minor matter in this totally inadequate and unsatisfactory letter.


Anonymous said...

Dymocks has in my opinion no commitment what so ever to either it's customers or in fact it's stores in NZ and in fact the words from Mr Grover are to date, again in my opinion, in stark contradiction to it's actions. In time I imagine this will all become clearly evident, in the meantime though people may lull themselves into a false sense of security!
Are we seriously to believe that Queen Street closing is not evidence of bigger issues at heart here.
It would seem thier commitment is perhaps more toward getting rid of inconvenient deadwood...

transpress nz said...

what's going on? The chain is in trouble, that's what. To say it is poorly managed would the understatement of the year. Its business model is faulty too. While Paper Plus can safely extract big franchise fees from its franchisees because of their huge mark-ups on stationery, you can't expect stores to give away (in the full sense of the term) a quarter of their gross profit on books. If you're a publisher or distributor with any sense you'll be cancelling all Dymocks credit facilites now.

Anonymous said...

Yet they claim to expect people to buy new franchises. Who are they kidding?
Anyone want to throw away their retirement savings?