Thursday, January 31, 2013

Author reveals crime writing "secrets"

30.01.13 | Katie Allen - The Bookseller

The Chosen Dead author and "Kavanagh QC" scriptwriter M R Hall has launched a free online crime-writing course, with a competition for crime-writers.

Seven Secrets of Successful Crime Writing comprises a series of weekly videos, each covering a different aspect of crime writing including such "secrets" as: "However big the story, it must take place within a confined world" and "The central character must have a moral centre, but also be conflicted on many levels". Each week there will also be a detailed worksheet, with podcasts also available.
At the end of the course, there will be a competition for the budding crime-writers, with prizes including an intensive two-day writing course at Goldsboro Books in central London, hosted by Hall and author William Ryan.
Writers will be able to upload the first chapter of their crime novel to the Facebook page from the opening date of 11th March. Hall will judge entries, alongside Mantle publisher Maria Rejt and editor Sophie Orme. More details will be announced when the competition opens.
The course can be found at

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