Friday, September 25, 2009


That internationally bestselling children’s author ANTHONY HOROWITZ will be releasing his new book
on a worldwide publication date of 12 NOVEMBER 2009.

About Anthony Horowitz:
Anthony Horowitz is the UK’s most popular male children’s author, with not just one but three bestselling book sequences to his name! Born in North London, he was only 23 when his first novel, ENTER FREDERICK K BOWER, was published in 1979. But it was in 2000, that the Horowitz phenomenon really exploded, with his creation of best-selling ALEX RIDER - the reluctant teenage superspy.
Alex Rider’s seven missions to date have sold over ten million copies worldwide.
Anthony’s work has been translated into 28 languages.

In 2006, Alex’s first mission, STORMBREAKER hit movie screens worldwide, scripted by Anthony himself. In addition to the ALEX RIDER missions, Anthony writes two other
best-selling sequences – the supernatural POWER OF FIVE novels and the comic
detective adventures featuring THE DIAMOND BROTHERS. All three sequences
top the book charts.
Anthony has an unrivalled reputation for getting boys, especially reluctant
readers, into books. In 2007, Anthony was singled out by then British Education
Secretary Alan Johnson as the not-so-secret weapon to get boys reading.

In 2008, Anthony was made the National Year of Reading’s first Champion Author
due to his regular outreach work to Youth Offenders and Looked After Children
throughout the UK.

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