Friday, September 25, 2009


Parsons Bookshop is proud to be a member of the Auckland Art Precinct.
The initiative, which launches this weekend, involves Parsons Bookshop and the art galleries in the block of Wellesley Street East, Kitchener Street, Victoria Street East and Lorne Street in central Auckland.
The businesses of the Auckland Art Precinct will promote the area by engaging in joint advertising and exhibition opening nights.
See the Auckland Art Precinct advertisement in this weekend’s NZ Herald supplement, then come into the central city and take a walk around our block.
Each Auckland Art Precinct business has a logo ‘signpost’ sticker on their premises.

Go to and click onto each Auckland Art Precinct business.
This is a wonderful iniative which The Bookman applauds and how appropriate that NZ's leading arts bookshop, (bar none), should be part of the Art Precinct along wit these wonderful inner city galleries. Brilliant! Well done Helen & Roger Parsons.

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