Monday, September 28, 2009

by TK Roxborogh,
Penguin Books - $37
October 2009.
by guest reviewer Andrew of Dymocks Ponsonby.

Mention Shakespeare to me and two thoughts come to mind. Why is such good writing effectively confined to being read only during our high school education? And how did Shakespeare get so much adulation when most of his writing is the retelling of other people’s stories?

Which brings us to Banquo’s Son by TK Roxborogh. Banquo was one of King Duncan’s court in Macbeth and survived Macbeth’s mad and bloody rampage ending all the lives of his nearest and dearest. Roxborogh takes the characters and setting made famous in Macbeth and tells what might have occurred next in the history of Scottish-English rivalry. This is the story of what happened next for Fleance, a young man who had grown up in the court of the Scottish King. After his father’s murder leaves him orphaned, he finds himself in England being cared for and brought up by travelling traders.

The publishers are touting this as a great read for anyone 15 -55. I have to agree but see no need for the age cap. It is a story of young love, revenge, loyalty and goodness versus greed. The historical setting rings true and the story moves at a good pace. The characters all struck me as believable and complete if not always likeable. Roxborogh builds a picture of a strong masculine friendship between Fleance and his new royal friend. This is the kind of friendship many young men form in their young adult years. Trust and loyalty are tested by life and choices needing to be made.
I really enjoyed this book and recommend it highly.
Andrew's review was first published in Express Today and is posted here with their permission.
Tania Roxborogh is coming to town and you are invited to a party:
Author T. K. Roxborogh and Publisher Penguin Books Invite readers of Beattie's Book Blog to help celebrate the publication of…. BANQUO'S SON (the epic sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth) at The Takapuna Library,
The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland, NZ on Saturday 10th of October 5:00pm for a 5:30 start. RSVP BY 7 October Belynda Smith
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