Saturday, September 26, 2009

Press Release

BolognaFiere announces the final dates for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2010:from Tuesday, March 23 to Friday, March 26

The decision to shorten the duration of the Fair to three days was originally made in order to follow a trend currently featured at many professional events, also in consideration of a widely-shared opinion that this resolution would help reduce overall costs.

However, following the announcement of the dates for 2010, we received so many requests to maintain the traditional four-day format that BolognaFiere immediately committed themselves to finding a solution to this issue, in agreement with the main European Publishers Associations.

Underlining the importance the event holds for the participants and for the field of children's books, the main objection to the new format was the shortened timeframe. Namely, participants expressed concern that it would not be possible to concentrate all the appointments - which would normally have taken place over the traditional four-day duration of the event - in the space of three days.
Furthermore, the previously reported rates for the costs of participation will not be modified, while the deadline that allows participants to take advantage of an early bird discount will be extended to October 30, 2009 to allow for the regular registration process.

We are therefore pleased to announce that in 2010 the Bologna Children's Book Fair will last four days, from Tuesday, March 23, to Friday, March 26. In subsequent years, this same, traditional format will be used.

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