Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From Publishing Perspectives:

From "Cruel Hookah" to "Cruel Hooker": A Cross-Cultural Conversation in Poetry
By Christopher Merrill in IOWA CITY:

The book Seven Poets Four Days One Book was an experiment to see what would happen if poets from different lands, languages, and generations tried to write together. The possibilities for failure seemed limitless - which perversely appealed to me.

For it has been my experience that the least promising material may sometimes yield the most interesting work, perhaps because one must dig deeper, look farther, and risk more to bring that material to life. And what could be riskier, in the literary scheme of things, than to ask poets to give up their precious time for what might be a fruitless enterprise?

I consoled myself with the thought that unlike novelists for whom a lost day of work may represent lost income poets are accustomed to receiving little or nothing for their efforts, not to mention the fact that many lines of verse lead nowhere. (read on ...)

Bonus Material: Let Us Tell the World Your Story
By Edward Nawotka
Over the past five months Publishing Perspectives has brought you stories from across the globe that you just wouldn't have found anywhere else.
We understand just how much publishers - whether in the Americas, Asia, Europe or Africa - can learn from each other. One of the few events of the year that brings together our entire global book community is the Frankfurt Book Fair.The FBF is approaching fast - it's just three weeks away - and we want to remind you that we'll be publishing a print edition from Wednesday, October 14 to Friday, October 16 that will be distributed all throughout the fairgrounds and at every exhibitor booth.

It offers a unique opportunity for you to address your colleagues from around the world and tell them your story. (read on ...)

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