Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thousands in scramble for free books after Amazon supplier abandons warehouse
By David Wilkes writing in The Mail online, 27th February 2009

They stand knee-deep in Danielle Steels, Len Deightons and even the odd Jeffery Archer, rummaging around in the reading matter.

Strewn across the floor of the drafty warehouse are thousands and thousands of books, ranging from well-thumbed paperback novels to musty hardback technical manuals, faux-leather bound poetry collections, 1970s cook books and long-outdated sports almanacs.
Many are a little dog-eared or have yellowing pages.
Thousands of people descended on this warehouse in Bristol for free books after Amazon's largest supplier of secondhand books left the site
But this does not deter the army of foragers who have descended on the 56,000 sq ft premises.
For the books are being given away after the warehouse was abandoned by its owners, and the lure of acquiring a free, instant library is proving hard to resist.
People have travelled from as far as Hertfordshire and the West Midlands to the old Bookbarn site in Bristol.
The full report here.

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