Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just one in 30 fathers has time for a bedtime story

Published Date: 27 February 2009
By Jenny Haworth writing in The Scotsman

MOST fathers are too busy to read stories to their children, a survey has found.
Just 3 per cent of those questioned said they easily found the opportunity, with the rest struggling to read to their children because of time pressures and busy lifestyles.Eighty-seven per cent blamed work commitments, and a third said they were too tired.

In contrast, nine out of ten mothers questioned in the survey still managed to read their children stories.Marion Bourbouze, from the Scottish Book Trust, said that it was important for fathers to read to their children, particularly their sons, to provide them with a role model.

The mother of three also thought it helped fathers bond with their children."My husband started reading from the start to our children when they were about a week old. At the very beginning, it can seem as though there is not much dads can do, because the mum is breastfeeding and that sort of thing. So reading is a really nice way they can spend time with the baby.

It becomes a sort of ritual."She added: "It can also add variety for the child. My husband enjoys reading books about space and astronomy, which I wouldn't normally choose."
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