Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramsay and Delia in cookery competition
The Bookseller 26.02.09

The first publishing bunfight of 2009 will take place next week with Gordon Ramsay and Delia Smith going head to head. Delia’s Complete How to Cook (BBC Books) and Gordon Ramsay’s Great British Pub Food (HarperCollins) will both go on sale on Thursday (5th March).

Sian Jones, Waterstone’s cookery buyer, said: "It’s great to have two major titles from two of the biggest brand authors in cookery so early in the year." The retailer will be promoting Ramsay as its Delicious Book of the Month for March and will give away a free tea-towel with every purchase of the Delia Smith title.
In sales terms, Ramsay lags far behind Delia, with lifetime sales of his books valued at £24.8m, compared to Smith’s £56.1m.
Steph Bateson, books buying manager at Asda, said: "I think Delia will probably sell more copies of her book because of her heritage. Although Gordon’s book is a much more accessible title."

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