Friday, February 20, 2009

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Thrive or Dive

When we find ourselves in times of trouble… we either create ways to thrive or we dive. Here are tales of each from the front lines.

Two members of this brave band, Writer’s Lifeguards both, have new books released at a time when publishers are delaying releases or cutting out new books entirely.Lyons Press has just published Jay Cowan’s, Hunter S. Thompson: An Insider’s View of Deranged, Depraved, Drugged Out Brilliance. Though Jay says, “I’m not proud of the title, which was the publishers creation entirely,” he is justifiably proud of his work.

As neighbor and caretaker of Thompson’s Owl Farm, he had friends and enemies, stoned and straight, best-of-times/worst-of-times contact with the inventor of Gonzo Journalism.

And HarperCollins has released Christopher Moore’s rewriting of King Lear as a bawdy comedy, Fool. Chris is on a promotional road trip, and I fought my way to a seat at its first stop in San Francisco. He is, in the words of Carl Hiaasen, “a very sick man, in the very best sense of that word.” He is also the funniest hustler in the history of book signings.
You can see if Chris is coming to a bookstore near you at

Jules Older, author/journalist/publisher/teacher/broadcaster, (and regular visitor to New Zealand from his home in California).

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