Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am a great user of bookmarks. I love them and have used them all of my reading life, mainly I guess because I hate the idea of bending the corner of the page or using the dust jacket to mark my place.

So I was delighted recently to meet the talented and artistic Diana Wyatt at "The Village Bookshop" in Matakana ,(the popular village an hour north of Auckland). She has been supplying bookmarks exclusively to Tracey Lawton's Village Bookshop for a year or so and they have been selling well, I had previoulsy bought several myself.
Traceys' shop, she feels, is the perfect outlet for her special bookmarks..." it has a beautifully designed interior, a wonderfully warm feel, an amazing selection of books and fantastic service."
Diana's bookmarks are an original design that came to fruition when Tracey opened her bookshop towards the end of 2007. " When I mentioned to her I was making bookmarks, she was enthusiastic as always and very receptive when I showed her my first range".

Diana says she has had a passion for fabrics, colour and texture ever since she was a child and loves being creative. She makes her bookmarks out of a wide variety of fabrics including brocades, velvets, vintage curtain fabrics, embroidered satins, old Indian sari silks etc.
To finish the bookmarks she sews a few rows of braid, ribbon etc at the top and adds a tassel or charm to "mark" your book." These unique bookmarks are the perfect gift for any book lover."
Recently Diana has designed a range of felt bookmarks adorned with decorative ribbon or braid, fluff at the top and a charm. These are aimed to appeal to the younger reader but Diana says older people seem to like them too!

Not content to "stand still" and always on the lookout for a new project, Diana has just finished making a range of fabric gift bags, just right for popping a paperback book into without the hassle of wrapping.

This year, as well as producing her bookmarks and bags, Diana says she will spend more time marketing her products.
The Bookman admires her carft and wishes her well.

Her label is Artemis and should you wish to make contact her e-mail address is


Meytal Radzinski said...

Wow, those are really nice.

Vanda Symon said...

You can never have too many bookmarks - I have a jar full on my bedside table, a beautiful book mark enhances the reading experience. I'm with you on the whole sacrilege of turning the corners over on pages in books.