Friday, February 27, 2009


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8:15 Susie Orbach

Psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach co-founded the Woman's Therapy
Centre in London, wrote a column for the Guardian, and was visiting
professor for ten years at the London School of Economics. She first
came to wide public notice with her book Fat is a Feminist Issue. Her
new book, Bodies (Profile Books, ISBN: 978-1-84668-019-9), considers the
societal pressures behind the growth in body enhancement.

8:40 Jasvinder Sanghera
Jasvinder Sanghera ran away from her home in the British town of Derby
at the age of 15 after being shown a photograph of a man she had never
met and told he was to be her husband. She is co-founder and director of
Karma Nirvana, a community-based project that supports South Asian
women, men and children affected by domestic violence and honour-based
crimes. Her memoir, Shame (Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN: 978-0-340-92462-4),
was published in 2007, and she tells the stories of other survivors in
her new book, Daughters of Shame (Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN:

9:10 Patrick Holford
British nutritionist Patrick Holford has written and spoken extensively
on new approaches to health, nutrition, and mental health issues. In
1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, a charitable and
independent educational trust for the furtherance of research in
nutrition, and he was instrumental in forming the charitable Food for
the Brain Foundation. He is the author of a number of books, including
The Alzheimer's Prevention Plan (with Shane Heaton and Deborah Colson,
2005, Piatkus Books, ISBN: 0-7499-2514-0), and Food is Better Medicine
than Drugs
(with Jerome Burne, 2006, Piatkus Books, ISBN:
978-0749927103). His most recent books are How to Quit Without Feeling
, a study of addiction written with David Miller PhD and Dr James
Braly (Piatkus Books, ISBN: 978-0-7499-0994-9), and Food Glorious Food:
Incredibly Delicious Low-GL Recipes
, written with Fiona McDonald Joyce
(Piatkus Books, ISBN: 978-0-7499-0995-6).

10:05 Playing Favourites with David Haywood
Christchurch writer David Haywood began a university degree in 19th
century literature, and ended up graduating with a Ph.D. in engineering.
In between, he found employment as a forklift driver,
guitarist/songwriter, road-works lollipop man, computer programmer,
librarian, university lecturer, and research scientist. His scientific
work resulted in patents for cryocooler systems and ocean wave energy
technology. David writes the Southerly blog on, and
recently published My First Stabbing (Public Address Books, ISBN:
978-0473140649), a collection of his columns that encompasses such
apparently unrelated subjects as the urination habits of Germans, the
fatness of policemen in Boston, humble woodcutter's sons who marry women
with big hair, and babies with projectile defecation.

11:05 Gudrun Gut
Gudrun Gut curates and produces live electronic media events in Europe,
featuring both her own work (as a DJ and music selector) and that of
other artists. She was a member of groundbreaking bands Einsturzende
Neubauten and Malaria!, started the Monika Enterprise label in 1997, and
released her debut solo album, I Put a Record On, in 2007. Gudrun is
visiting New Zealand as a guest of the Goethe Institut and the Audio
Foundation, for performances at Marsupial in Christchurch (25 February),
at Mighty Mighty in Wellington for Berlin Bonanza at Mighty Mighty (27
February), and at the Alt Music Festival in Auckland (4 March).

11:30 Denis Dutton
Denis Dutton is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy
at the University of Canterbury. He founded influential website Arts &
Letters Daily, which he continues to edit, and is co-founder and
co-editor of He is also the founder and
co-editor of Philosophy and Literature, the journal published by the
Johns Hopkins University Press. His new book is The Art Instinct:
Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution
(Oxford University Press, ISDN:

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