Wednesday, November 27, 2013

US book trade news from PW

The independent bookselling community has been counted out more than once over the last three decades as the arrival of superstores, online retailing, and e-books have each led to predictions that most independently -owned bookstores would become largely extinct. But in 2010, the American Booksellers Association saw its first increase in membership in many years, and by 2013 the sector had recovered enough that independent bookstores are once again seen as critical to the success of the book industry. For their role in leading the resurgence of independent bookselling, ABA CEO Oren Teicher and the ABA board have been chosen as PW’s Person of the Year. more »

B&N Has Better Earnings Despite Sales Decline 

Revenue fell in all three of Barnes & Noble’s operating groups for the second quarter ended October 26, 2013, but the retailer managed to post a 13.7% increase in EBITDA. Total sales dropped 8.0%, to $1.73 billion, in the quarter compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2013, but EBITDA rose to $75.7 million from $66.5 million. The company cited lower expenses for the improved earnings. The company posted net income of $13.2 million compared to net income of $501,000 in last year’s second quarter. more »


260 Pages Written on a BlackBerry : Meet Geordie Greig, the man who wrote a biography of Lucian Freud almost entirely on his BlackBerry.

YA Readers Prefer Printed Books : A survey finds that 62% of 16 to 24-year-olds prefer traditional books over their digital equivalents.

'EW' Readers Vote on Best YA Novel : And the winner is…not a novel, but a series. And what a series.

Indies Hope for Amazon Backlash : Independent booksellers are hoping customers will turn to the high street after a BBC Panorama documentary last night revealed working practices inside an Amazon warehouse.

The Ten Best Bookstores in NYC : "A town isn't a town without a bookstore," Neil Gaiman once wrote. Thankfully, New York City has nothing to worry about.

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