Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kraków: City of Literature 'Where People Queue for Poetry'

Shelf Awareness

"Home to two literary festivals, busy book fairs, clubs and writer after writer," as well as "a town where people queue for poetry," Kraków, Poland was recently named a UNESCO City of Literature, the Guardian reported, adding that the city "lives and breathes literature. No city could be more eminently qualified for the UNESCO title.... 
It's hard to imagine how it can add to its existing plethora of literary events: it hosts two annual international literary festivals, a book fair, and any number of poetry readings; it is home to the Polish Book Institute--a superb public organization which exists to promote Polish literature at home and abroad. It's also home to several publishing houses, from old and traditional to young and ground-breaking."

Kraków "is the best place to indulge in a bookshop crawl--even the passageway under the station platforms is lined with secondhand book stalls--and the English-language Massolit bookshop, café and venue is a book-lover's dream," the Guardian wrote.

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