Saturday, November 30, 2013

Penguin NZ Independent Bookseller of the Year award for 2013

News from Penguin  Books New Zealand

Carole Beu and the team at The Women’s Bookshop have been awarded the Penguin Independent Bookseller of the Year award for 2013.

Carole is incredibly active in the Community and is well known for her standout Ladies Litera-Tea events. These are highly regarded by a strong and loyal customer base.  If not organising these or hand selling the latest offering from Penguin Carole can be heard on radio promoting the industry via book reviews.

The hard work that Carole and the team put in is “right on the button” and defines well what an independent bookstore should do. This is further exemplified by their regular Book Choice newsletters that have absolutely everything covered….e-books, e-news, internet shopping with a “what’s it going to cost me for postage” section, contact details, hours of trade (including extended hours), pictures of the staff, community involvement by way of events, TV reviews, Kobo’s, what they do for the community and what that support then translates into in the local community…..last but not least an outline of the exceptional service offerings they have. It is almost hard to believe that one could cram so many elements into a catalogue!

Well done to Carole & the team.


Siobhan Harvey said...

This is wonderful news, and well deserved for Carole and her wonderful team. The womens bookshop is a legend amongst local book stores, siobhan

Anne Else said...

It's a superb bookshop - delighted to see this award.