50 shades of grey
50 Shades of Grey can be safely termed a phenomenon, with 30 million sales worldwide

Last night’s Channel 4 show documented this undoubted phenomenon – the UK’s fastest-selling paperback of all time, with 30 million copies sold worldwide SINCE APRIL, translation rights sold to 41 countries, including six reprints already in Germany (???) – and had a game stab at explaining its success.
Inspired by the teenage hormones of Twilight and penned by E L James, a mother from Brentford (brilliant – somewhere between the Coach and Horses and the Gillette Tower, passions were stirring), 50 Shades tells the age-old story of a young virginal office-worker Anastasia fall into the clutches of the enigmatic billionaire Christian Grey - Barbara Cartland would be proud. But instead of throwing her on his horse, he throws her in his red room of pain and proceeds to take her through the manual of BDSM – “I thought that was a driving school,” admitted one pundit.
I am reliably informed this, in fact, refers to Bondage, Dominance and Sado-Masochism, the appeal of which was debated by pundits.
“It’s Mills and Boon with butt plugs,” said Kathy Lette. “It taps into a lot of women’s need for non-consensual sex,” explained Bonnie Greer. “We’re fed up making decisions every day, we just want to be dominated sometimes,” was the conclusion of a reading group. “I don’t know a woman who wants an anal fisting of a Friday night,” disagreed Rachel Johnson.
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