Sunday, July 29, 2012

1947 Oscar, rare Beatles single and Marilyn signed headshot lead Heritage Auctions event

A Marilyn Monroe Signed Black and White Photograph, Circa 1956.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA.- The Gold Standard names of Entertainment & Music memorabilia shone brightly on July 24 at Heritage Auctions’ $878,000+ Signature® Beverly Hills event, as an Academy Special Award©®™ (realized: $98,500), the rarest Beatles promo record of them all (realized: $35,000) and a Marilyn Monroe-signed headshot (realized: $32,500) – inscribed to LAPD office Roy Garrett, who let the star off with a warning in exchange for the pic – topped the considerable offerings in Beverly Hills. All prices include Buyer’s Premium. “The bidding was spirited and steady all day long,” said Margaret Barrett, Director of Entertainment & Music Auctions at Heritage, “with major names dominating collector attention and bids.” The Academy Special Award©®™ was presented to Thomas Armat in 1947 for his pioneering work on inventing the first patented American film projector continued the string of ... More at Art Daily News

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