Monday, November 23, 2009

Tips From Your Nana

This appealing new book contains indispensable ideas on DIY, gardening, cooking, sewing, handcrafts. Tips from Your Nana is written in a unique style to appeal to those 20-39 year old urbanites who are seeking to live more self-sufficiently, but lack the basic skills which were common knowledge for previous generations.

As well as being a practical how-to book, Tips from Your Nana incorporates a unique sense of story and humour; from the bona-fide trundler-pulling Connie King who gives us her recipe for marmalade, to 25-year-old Pete who can whip up a piece of furniture in less than a day after help from his granddad.
And I even found a recipe for elderflower champagne which I saw Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage fame making on TV the other night. But there are pickles and chutneys and jams and loads of other stuff too. The book has household bible written all over it.......

The author Robyn Paterson, a 30-something Gen X-er, is an experienced television producer, director and writer. Robyn believes her childhood spent in Zimbabwe has been responsible for her interest in being more self-sufficient. There, she observed her mother sewing clothes, creating a fan belt for the car and inventing toys from toilet rolls as she coped with the shortages of almost everything.

Tips from Your Nana is a wonderful Christmas gift for the under 40s, and a great not-too-pushy stocking stuffer for the older over-urbanised person in your life. With its beautifully designed pages, stylish illustrations and the humorous, yet simple and informative text it is certain to be a well-received gift.
The book really is quite a beautiful thing with superb photography by Tammy Williams. The cover and book design is by Katy Yiakmis and Christine Buess who both deserve accolades for a fine job.

Tips From Your Nana
Robyn Patterson

Longacre - $36.99

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