Thursday, November 26, 2009

Interesting idea from Bookshop Santa Cruz
The One Book Pledge - It's working!

In our last Readers Newsletter, we told customers that if they wanted to do only one thing to help support Bookshop Santa Cruz, it would be to take the One Book Pledge. The pledge is a commitment to buy, in any given month, one fewer book at Amazon and one more book at Bookshop Santa Cruz (or at Since then, we've had dozens of customers tell us that they were buying a book because of the pledge - because they wanted to ensure that Bookshop Santa Cruz could survive and thrive and because they wanted to help boost the local economy by keeping their dollars local.

A recent study found that even customers who define themselves as loyal independent bookstore customers only buy four out of every ten books from an independent bookstore. Imagine what would happen if everyone dedicated themselves to buying that fifth book from an independent as well. For a store like ours, it means more local jobs, more author events, the ability to carry more unique, small press titles and more money flowing to local schools, libraries and public safety through the collection of local sales tax and store donations.

Since is the biggest threat to independent bookstores like ours, taking the pledge is the best way for customers to ensure the long-term viability of Bookshop Santa Cruz. Take the is doable, it is meaningful, and it is a commitment to help sustain and grow the local economy.
Read the full newsletter at Bookshop Santa Cruz's website.

Thanks to Tim from the Page & Blackmore Bookshop in Nelson, NZ for bringing this story to my notice.

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