Tuesday, September 29, 2015

World of WearableArt - 30 designers tell their stories

World of WearableArt - 30 designers tell their stories
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One of the most remarkable cultural success stories over the past 27 years in New Zealand has been the spectacular growth of the World of WearableArt®, an annual competition and award show  that explores the intersection of fashion and art.

This unique event, which draws an audience in Wellington, New Zealand of over 45,000 people every year, has encouraged an explosion of creative activity, inspiring a wide range of fashion designers, artists, costume makers and other designers from all over the world to participate.

The range of garments produced for this event is breathtaking, as the rules of competition mean that anything of quality that is in any way wearable can find a place on the catwalk. What this also means is that the garments are constructed from an extraordinary array of materials, while the thematic range is equally impressive, with a dizzying amalgam of ideas and influences.

Behind all of these garments are a group of hugely talented international designers. 30 Designers and their Stories is a tribute to this gifted group, and distinguishes itself from previous books about WearableArt by focusing on their stories. Award-winning writer Naomi Arnold has interviewed 30 designers, exploring their stories, motivation and inspiration. The result is a fascinating insight into what lies behind the extravaganza that is the World of WearableArt.

Lavishly illustrated, 30 Designers and their Stories is a remarkable celebration of the creative genius of the WearableArt designers, and anyone with an interest in fashion, design and the craft arts will find it utterly inspirational

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