Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lilliput Libraries

Ruth Arnison writes:

Lilliput Libraries is the Poems in the Waiting Room 2015 community project.

We're hugely excited with our first Library installed yesterday. With funding assistance from Creative NZ Creative Communities we've got 19 further Lilliput Libraries either being painted or constructed. It's been a real community effort with neighbours, friends, artists, school students, and local businesses all donating time, materials or talent.

The Libraries are placed on Guardians's fence lines full of books in great condition - passers-by are encouraged to take one for keeps or return it or pass it on and call by again sometime with a replacement book.We hope they will be self-stocking with top ups by the Guardians. 

 I'm hoping our Lilliputs will become focal neighbourhood spots - a bit like the old corner dairies! 

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