Monday, September 28, 2015

Why Jane Austen enchants us to this day

Great novels do not need a backdrop of emotional disaster – four families in a village will do the trick

Anne Hathaway stars as Jane Austen in the 2007 film Becoming Jane
Anne Hathaway stars as Jane Austen in the film Becoming Jane 
"People love Jane Austen even though those books are absurd to us because we like the clarity of it; we can see very clearly what Elizabeth Bennet has to overcome, what she has to deal with.” So said a great writer this week and – as Austen herself would always graciously defer to an elder brother, so shall I – he was, of course, correct. Nick Hornby went on to say: “In this century, where actually well-heeled people can do whatever the hell they want whenever they want, it’s more chaotic to extract a narrative.”

That’s why he now enjoys writing period pieces, and believes that we, the audience, find stories from the past so satisfying. 

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