Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shades of Self-publishing: No longer a DIY challenge

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Shades of Self-publishing: No longer a DIY challenge

Self-funded publishing is no longer a DIY challenge, thanks to the wide range of options available now, both on- and off-shore. The quality of self-published books is also consistently rising, thanks to the professional agencies that have been set up to support writers who wish to be published under their own steam.

The Read has spoken to several New Zealand- based agencies about what they offer, their strategies for how to advise self-funding authors, and more. We thank Chris Casey from South Pacific Books, Sophia Egan-Reid from Mary Egan Publishing, Peter Dowling from Oratia Media, Roger Steele from Steele Roberts Publishing and David Ling from David Ling Publishing for their thoughts and comments.
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