Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The stories behind the titles
Gary Dexter Frances Lincoln (Bookwise) $30

Gary Dexter, is well-known in Britain for his long-running Sunday Telegraph column Title Deed, and this intriguing and erudite book is an expansion of that column in which he focuses on great works of literature from the unusual angle of their titles. Some fifty titles are dealt with ranging from Plato’s Republic, to the Swiss Family Robinson, The Seagull, Ulysses, Lolita and Catch-22.

This is a small, delightful book from a small publisher who often surprises; I’m not sure how widely it will be available but believe me for the booklover it is a gem and deserves a wide audience. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. If it is not in your Christmas stocking on the 25th and you define yourself as a booklover then go out and buy it for yourself when the bookshops reopen.

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