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Hi Graham,
I am in the process of producing a book to be published in October 2008 on iconic New Zealand Baches and Cribs. I am interested in receiving photographs from members of the public of baches, cribs and huts throughout New Zealand for inclusion in the book.
The successful photographers will be fully acknowledged in the book and will receive a free copy of the book for every photograph published.
I require with the photographs, the full name of the photographer, a geographical description of where the bach [or crib] is situated and if known any history of the building.
Format required is;

Digital (easiest and cheapest for everyone).
If you wish to provide hard-copy prints, clearly mark, on the back of each photo, your name and contact details, so that we may return all material.

184 x 260 (landscape).
This is the book’s size, but we can always accommodate smaller pictures if need be. I would prefer the above dimensions, though, to ensure full-page use in the book. (NB. This applies to digital only; hard-copy prints can be scanned to any eventual size.)

Resolution: 300dpi (dots per inch).
This is to ensure they are of printable quality (website images, for instance, are only 72dpi and cannot be reproduced in book form).

Basically, the bigger the image (and file size) the better!

As I have a contract to have the book published in October 2008 I will need all images by March 1st 2008. Please post them to the above address.
If you have any queries please contact me at phone 036886491 or Email

Yours faithfully,
Jeff Grigor.

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