Monday, January 27, 2014

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Winning Edits
Ten Publishing Predictions for 2014
Best-selling author and friend of AuthorMBA Bob Mayer reveals the top publishing trends to pay attention to in this new year.
US word of the year 2013 is 'because'
"'Because' has been voted the word of the year by the American Dialect Society after the humble conjunction 'exploded with new grammatical possibilities' in 2013."
Writing is Thinking
Writing in A List Apart, Sally Kerrigan beautifully articulates why "writing is not some mystic art. It’s a practical skill..." And as with any skill worth developing, practice!

A Winning Edits Classic

What Powerful Behaviors Do the Most Successful Writers Share?
Todd Henry is one of the most disciplined authors I know. He runs his multifaceted author business largely by himself, and still finds time to write amazing books. In this interview, Todd describes what behaviors he and other prolific authors share.

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